Luanne Rice by © Adrian KinlochLuanne Rice is the author of thirty-one novels including twenty-two consecutive New York Times bestsellers.  Five of her books have been made into movies and mini-series, and her work has also been featured at the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles and in several off-Broadway theatre productions.  She divides her time between New York City and the Connecticut shoreline.

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  • Sue Elliott

    I just finished reading “The Edge of Winter” and it brought me to tears several times. I LOVED IT!!!!
    Thank you so much for writing such a beautiful novel.
    I look forward to reading more of your books.

    • Luanne

      dear sue,
      thank you. much of “the edge of winter” was based on my father’s wwll experience as navigator-bombardier in the 492nd and 44th bomb groups of the 8th air force, as well as my observations of his life afterwards. he carried that time deep inside him. my research brought me into contact with men he’d flown with as well as their children, people in my generation. i attended a 492nd reunion, and it was one of the most moving and intense experiences i’ve ever had.

  • Ann

    I just finished reading crazy in love and it help restore my faith in marriage..A lot of people say u end up falling out of love wit ur husband and that marriage becomes dull but with this novel,i am convinced otherwise…Thank you

  • Judie Dee

    After reading your books for the past several years, I discovered you grew up in New Britain, as I did. I wondered if you knew my sister, Cynthia Morton since I can only guess she would have been about your age. I graduated from NBHigh in 1956 and she in 1962. She was an author of many books an dyslexia and also several novels for middle readers.
    I enjoy your character development in your novels, you really get to know all dimensions of each. Thank you

  • Carol J Dewing

    Luann—Just discovered you—Reading “The Secret Hour”.
    I love that your characters are developed like real people, and your descriptions. I’m coming up to my 75th birthday in Dec>, and I’ve begun my own first Novel after taking an Adult Ed class, and enjoying every minute of it even though I have to use the local libraries Computers. The teacher told us to read a lot while we’re writing, and the lighthouse on the cover of “The Secret Hour” led me to you. Looking forward to reading your other works!!
    Wishing you all the best!!!

    • Luanne

      thank you, carol. happy birthday in advance, and best wishes writing your novel!
      i’m so glad the lighthouse led you to read me.

  • William Perry Jr

    Hi,Luanne! I was surprised to find out that you are from CT. I’m from CT too. I’m from Middletown. I read one of your books online. I forgot which one though. Anyhow, you are a brilliant writer. Keep up the good work.

    ps I write novels too.

  • http://yahoomail Julia Vallati

    your bio was great, I am not surprised ! you are a wonderful author and person so knowing of the World!!!!

  • Benjie Gaturian Reboton

    I love Cloud Nine. I cried so many tears because Sarah Talbot’s like my mother. This is the first book I have ever read and it made me love reading. Thank you Ms. Rice.

  • Carole


    I would like to thank you very for the pleasure that your books brought to my mother. My mother Claire and your mom were college buddies and kept in touch over the years. She felt your mother was dealt a rotten hand when she got sick. The first day that your first book was published she made me take her to the store to buy a copy. She felt how very proud Lu must be of you. I love when you write about your mother and what she meant to you! It is 13 years ago today that my mother lost her battle with cancer and I miss her everyday. Myself and my family continue to wait for each new book of yours with found memories of the joy they brought my mother. Thank you!

  • Terry Sigdestad

    Hi Luanne,
    Our book group at the Bloomington Branch Library in California was given advanced reader copies of THE SILVER BOAT. It is a very interesting book especially for me because I love the beach. Do you have discussion questions that we could use for our group? We will meet the first Tuesday in March. Thanks so much.

  • Carissa Winter

    Thanks to a Facebook ad, I have added this book to my “To Read” list on Goodreads! I look forward to reading a new author!

  • Kathy Wallace

    Its funny every time I finish one of your stories I say “That has to be my favorite book” I just finished Secrets of Paris & I loved it. SO rich with human frailty, growing friendship & trust. I loved this story & was so sad it ended. What a great escape from my day to day stresses… I can’t wait for 4/5/11 The Silver Boat. Thank You Luanne

  • TJ Masters

    Dear Luanne, Hoping all is well for you and yours as I am eagerly awaiting the relaease of your latest work, The Silver Bullet! Although I am considered a “Real Man..a Mans Man” I truly enjoy the sensitivity, family plots, the twist and turns etc of your novels. Along with the love of our felines: We also have the City and Lyme-Old Lyme areas in common to visit and make our homes there! I even had dinner this weekend at the Hideway in Old Lyme and while there I heard that you are having an appearance and book signing at R. Coady’s store later this week of which I probably Can Not attend:( yet did I hear that you may give a talk in Old Lyme soon?

  • jim eggler

    Dear Luanne,
    I discovered you through a April 4 article in The Day. After reading everything on your website ,I’ve become a huge fan. I just ordered “Blue Moon”, “The Deep Blue Sea
    For Beginners” and “What Matters Most:A Novel” and can’t wait to get started. I’m taking the latter with me on my upcoming trip to Ireland..just in case I get a rainy day on the golf course.I am looking foward to reading all your books. Thanks luanne

  • Stephanie

    L:uanne: I have read most of your books and I love them all. I recently went back to an older book which I had in my possession – Cloud Nine. I cried – it was so moving. I am writing to ask that you write a sequel to Cloud Nine.
    It is one of my favorites of all our books. Thank you for allowing me to request this.

  • Tina

    I just finished Sandcastles.  It was wonderful!  I admire your writing.  I belong to a writer’s group in my town and I could only hope to be as talented as you. 

    Tina Book

  • Theresa Russel

    I love your books and want to make sure I have read them all.   How can I get a full list of all your book by dates?

    • luannerice

      Thanks for asking! You can see all my books in the library section of my website: All Luanne’s Books

  • Sandra Millar

    Dear Luanne,  i will be forever grateful that your books have entered my life.  through them, your heart, your spirit, your gentleness and kindness have enriched me greatly.  i pray that one day we could meet and be friends.
    i thank you 

  • Danaarnie

    I too, like Theresa Russell below, would like a printable list of all your books. Maybe a seperate list of any in series? All in order for reading/ Please advise. Thank you, Dana

    • GucciGirlMKC

      Check out

      You can find the series books in order of release and the stand alone titles also in order of release.

      I hope this helps!

  • Holley


    The first time I ever heard of you I was cat sitting for a friends cat and she had your books on her mantle.  I asked her if I could read it and ended up reading 3 of them in one week.  They are magical books.  Since that time I have read 3 more and hope to read all of them.  You are a magical writer who combines romance with esoteric mystery and connection through out your books.  I LOVE IT.  You got me reading again as well as believing in serendipity.  Thanks for your brilliance in writing.  You are truly an inspiration to me. 

  • Cynthianessel

    In your book The Deep Blue Sea for Beginners, is the restaurant/bookstore in Capri still in business.  Do you have any information on it;s location.  I loved your story and hearing about Cpari.

  • Mackenziekane

    The first book I read by you was The Geometry of Sisters. Since then, I have been completely determined to read every story you write. Every one of them so far has brought me so much love and hope. They all have touched me so deeply, and for this I am forever grateful. I will continue to read your stories, and I always encourage everyone I know to read them. Thank God for your wonderful soul and talent, and thank you for sharing them with everyone.

  • Stephanie

    Hi, Luanne – A graduate of Conn College myself, I just learned that you had attended there until leaving to care for your father.  I also note that they awarded you an honorary degree – I, too, received compassionate treatment from the College after suffering a TBI 1 week prior to beginning there.  Additionally, I’ve enjoyed your books thus far.

    Stephanie Hamed Borowy, class of ’89  

  • Deborah M Lewis

    Hi Luanne, i have just started to read your books and i was wondering if there is a continuance of Liam,Lily &Rose from your books summer’s child &summer roses, these two books are great , i couldn’t put them down . I’m hoping there is more to the story of these character’s. I’m hoping to get a responce from you . thank you .    Deborah Lewis.

  • Vicki, South Carolina

    I, too, have just discovered you, Luanne! My first read was Summer’s Child, followed of course by Summer of Roses. I would like to see a continuance of these stores, also. I purchased 8 books as a lot on Ebay in order to get Summer of Roses and others. But, if there is a segue from one story to another, I am lost because the 8 books aren’t in sequence. I am now enjoying True Blue. Being disabled and an avid reader, I manage to devour about 3 books a week or so. Glad I have found another entertaining author! I appreciate you exposing domestic violence in those two stories and the damage it can do.
      I also have a friend who lives on Martha’s Vineyard in Edgartown and Cape Cod. She has worked in Wood’s Hole as well. I enjoyed my visits with her and miss her dearly.  

  • Yvonne K. Widenor

    I read “Light of the Moon” many moons ago, but the description of the dive to Cosquer Cave has stayed with me. Did you visit this site? And is the land artwork described in “Sandcastles” inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy? Enquiring art historian would like to know.. Thanks for such wonderful novels!

  • A Mom

    I just finished reading Dance with Me, the first of your novels I’ve ever read. While I enjoyed the story, I must tell you that I take exception to some of the terms you used.

    Nearly 38 years ago, a generous woman placed her son for adoption, and my husband and I are forever grateful to her. I am also my son’s “real” mother. I am the one who slept on the floor by his bedside when he was ill, I held himin my arms when his heart was broken, I shared in his triumphs and tragedies. He may not have grown in my womb, but he grew in my heart. I am willing to bet that the majority of adoptive mothers share my feelings.

    “Natural mother” – All mothers are natural mothers. Using that term suggests that there is also an opposite term, “unnatural mother.” I believe that there is no such thing as an “unnatural mother.” In lieu of these two terms, I would suggest that you use “biological mother.”


  • Anita Federico

    Hello there. I first discovered your book during our valentines have a date with a book promotion at our local library. The book was wrapped as a present. My daughter chose the book for me. It was little night. I fell in love with your story and have so far read another four. Congratulations you are truly talented.

  • Jim Drilling

    Hi Luanne, I just read your Veterans Day. It was very nicely done. My father, Lt John E Drilling, replaced your father as the Bombardier in the Simon Crew. He survived the crash near Rostock, Germany on August 25, 1944. My brother and I are going to Rostock on August 25, 2013 to attend a special memorial service for Lt Simon, Lt Dzanaj,Lt Barkell, and Sgt Saint. Jim Drilling

  • luannerice

    Hi Luanne, I just read your Veterans Day. It was very nicely done. My father, Lt John E Drilling, replaced your father as the Bombardier in the Simon Crew. He survived the crash near Rostock, Germany on August 25, 1944. My brother and I are going to Rostock on August 25, 2013 to attend a special memorial service for Lt Simon, Lt Dzanaj,Lt Barkell, and Sgt Saint. Jim Drilling

    • luannerice

      dear jim,
      thank you so much for being in touch, especially on memorial day weekend. i am incredibly moved to hear about your father and am so glad to know he survived that crash. my father loved john simon and everyone in the simon crew. all the best to you.

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  • Renée

    Dear Luanne, I just wanted to say I really love your books. Thanks to the internet I can get them all in the Netherlands!
    Yours sincerly and thank you for you stories,



  • SueC

    I just finished reading The Geometry of Sisters, but I didn’t find it listed among your authored books. I couldn’t put it down, which is often the case with most of your books. What Matters Most was passed around among my friends and kicked up a lot of emotion for each of us.

    I met you at RJ Julia’s a few years ago, when you first began writing about domestic violence. I work in the field and admire how well you have addressed the encompassing and insidious problem, not only for the couple involved but the entire surround of family and friends. Thank you!

  • K Jandeska

    Hi Luanne – I just finished reading The Lemon Orchard and have not been able to let the story go. I pictured my nine-year-old granddaughter (who is also Latina) as your character Rosa and the story–already heartbreaking–became almost impossible to bear. Congratulations on this finely crafted work. I look forward to reading your other novels.
    K Jandeska

  • Amy, Paris, IL

    I just finished, “Little Night.” My library’s copy is from the Pamela Dorman Books/Viking edition. On page 263, Grit leaves Clare’s apartment after “she quickly dressed…carrying a thick wool blanket.” About three paragraphs later (on the same page in my copy) we are told Grit “wished she’d brought a blanket.” Am I missing something? I devoured this novel. Fantastic story. Thank you! I am looking forward to discovering more of your work.

  • Susan Hlasny

    I just finished reading CLOUD NINE and it really touched me. It was one of the most beautifully written books I’ve ever read. I’d love to know what happened to Will and Mike and Susan. Please write a sequel to CLOUD NINE!

  • Princess Balacuit

    i really love your story Luanne, the beach girls actually, i really love it.