Here’s a photo of my dear friend Brother Luke. He’s reading LITTLE NIGHT, and he reads all my novels! We met many years ago when I was on book tour in the Louisville/Lexington KY area, visiting Joseph-Beth Booksellers and the late-great Hawley Cooke bookstores. (I miss Arlene, the store manager! Where are you now?)
Drawn to the Abbey of Gethsemani by the writings of Thomas Merton, I first met Luke many years and many books ago.
He is a brilliant musician and composer, an Irish poet with the best laugh in the world, and one of the greatest friends I can imagine having. He introduced me to his mother Alice and her sister Peggy, and when they came to New York City to visit we spent a day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art–two wonderful women. Luke and Alice came to Joseph Beth to see me speak, and afterwards we had dinner and talked and laughed.
We speak often, don’t see each other enough, and I certainly consider him family. I dedicated SILVER BELLS to him.
And whenever I have a new book out, Luke heads straight to the shelves and is one of my first readers. I’m so grateful for his friendship and constant support. Love you, Luke…