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There’s a place in our hearts reserved for miracles…

From Luanne Rice, the celebrated author of Beach Girls and many other New York Times bestsellers, comes this powerful novel of a mystery, a love affair, and a bond that cannot be broken set in a seaside town where miracles are made…

On the first day of summer, Mara Jameson went out to water her garden–and was never seen again.

Years after her disappearance, no one could forget the expectant mother whose glowing smile had captured the heart of everyone who’d known her: Maeve Jameson, still mourning the loss of a granddaughter she had struggled to protect…Patrick Murphy, a dogged police detective obsessed with a vanished woman…and Lily Malone, drawn to the rugged beauty of the Nova Scotia coast and its promise of a new life.

Here Lily hopes to raise her nine-year-old daughter, Rose, far from the pain and loss of the past. Here she will meet a gifted scientist, Liam Neill, whose life is on a similar trajectory from heartbreak to hope. And before the season is over, Lily will find the magic that exists in people we love the best…the everyday miracles that can make the extraordinary happen anywhere.

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  • Linda Goris

    Love your books Ms. Rice though I do wish you would write a sequel to “Summer’s Child”. I feel certain there is more to tell as Lily returns home to visit Mauve and confront her ruthless ex-husband. All too often men such as Ted get away with treating women this way, and it is refreshing to see them get what’s coming to them. If by some chance you have already wrote such a “sequel” that I have missed, please send by return e-mail the title so I may read it as well. I am currently new to your books but love them, and I am working my way through all of them to date. I’m just now beginning to read “Light of the Moon”. Can’t wait to see what unfolds! Thank you.

    • Luanne

      dear linda,
      thank you so much for connecting with “summer’s child.” i’m happy to tell you there is a sequel– “summer of roses.” those two novels are very near to my heart. i consider them to be healing in all sorts of ways.
      i’m glad you’re reading my books and appreciate your stopping by the website!

  • lea

    im glad that your books were able to reach the seas of the Philippines or else i would have not read them..they’re one of my best indulgences and somehow my daily dose of inspiration..thanks luanne! thank you for touching my life. May God bless you more!

  • Barb Gray

    I was wondering if besides Beach Girls and Silver Bells, are there anymore of your books made into movies? My mother in law and I are reading all of your books (just starting to) and we would like to know which ones were made into movies. Thanks

    • Luanne

      hi barb,
      “crazy in love,” “blue moon,” and “follow the stars home” were also made into tv movies.
      i thank you and your mother in law for starting to read my novels!

  • Ruth Acibar

    ms. rice…
    i admit that the reason i read your book “the secret hour” was because it was on a book sale.. but after i finished that book, i became more and more drawn with your works.. now, i always check bookstores and book sales for more of your books to add to my growing collection.. thank you so much for giving inspirations through your words..

  • Peggy Titt

    I love your website and the way you make yourself so accessible to your readers. Admittedly, I have not read any of your work–yet!–bur reading your press and your fans’ intrigue me. Now, if I won this book (Summer’s Child”), I’d have a compelling reason to START reading your work!

  • Beth Thompson

    I love your books,, the way you tell a story just draws you in and I can’t put it down till I’m done. Please, don’t ever stop!!!!!

  • marge warren

    summer child was the first book i’ve read and i loved it now i’m looking for summer of roses and i can’t find it but i’ll keep looking. luanne rice i’m your newest fan i just got dream country to read until i find more of your books.

  • Haley Anderson

    I really enjoyed reading Summer Child.. And I also enjoyed reading Summer of Roses too. But I really enjoyed Summer Child most. Something about it made my heart warm up about it… And every since I read your books I have wanted to go to all the place that the books take place at… You write Great Books Luanne..

  • Jenny Louise

    Hi Luanne,
    I LOVE your books – you touch my heart and soul so deeply with your tenderness, your understanding, your passion, and your wonderful portrayal of strong, beautiful characters. I loved “Summer’s Child” and was fortunate to have it’s sequel -”Summer of Roses”- in the same volume. I could identify with the two main female characters as I, too, was married to a man just like Edward/Ted in many ways. It was wonderful to read a book that validates the experience of emotional/mental abuse. To know that someone out there understands how traumatic and devastating it can be. To be able to write so beautifully and with such perception about such a painful subject suggests that you understand it too well. I’m sorry for whatever you’ve been through that meant you knew how to write those stories, but thankyou for having the courage to do so. Your gifts are so valuable. Thankyou for sharing so fully. You are a blessing to women everywhere – and, I was very glad to read, to some men too! I, too, can’t wait to read all your books – I know I’ve got a feast of delights in store! :-)

  • Caminna


    This is the first book that I’ve read from you. :) I love it so much. I feel myself connected to it in some ways. I’m really glad that I have the sequel too. :) I hope to find more of your books. I love it.

  • Barb

    Thank you for your offerings. I have read all of your writings and look forward to the next one due out in 2011; waiting to get on the waiting list at the library. Thank you and all the best.

  • Virginia Rice

    I have really enjoyed reading Summer’s Child and Summer of Roses, very good books!

  • Lisa

    I just finished “Summer’s Child”. What a wonderful and touching story! I can’t wait to read the sequel. You have a wonderful way with words Ms. Rice. You are a blessing! Thank you!

  • Ashley C

    I wanted to tell you that I loved this book and it was my first book of your that I owned. I also have other such as “dream country” and “follow the stars home”, but this was by far my favorite series and book. I really enjoy reading about Nova Scotia and I really would love to visit there someday. Your descriptions make me want to visit all the places your books are based on. Thank you so much for writing your books. Your amazing!!!

  • Beth

    Hi Luanne – just finished reading another OUTSTANDING book by you – Follow the Stars Home – thank you again, as always, for your wonderful stories and your warm characters! Any chance there will be a sequel to this?

    • Luanne

      hi beth,
      thank you so much! although there’s no sequel to “follow the stars home,” there is one to “summer’s child.” it is “summer of roses.” i mention this because you posted on the “summer’s child” page, so i wasn’t sure whether you might be interested in that one.

  • methozela

    so nice. a good read. adam is wonderful.

  • Angela

    Luanne I just finished reading Summer’s Child, the first book I have read written by you. I believe Summer Rose is the next book to read in the series. Do you have a list of books in series so I can read all of them in the correct order?
    Thank you

  • Wendy

    I could hardly put down Summer,s Child – it was wonderful. It ended so abruptly that I thought I didn’t get the whole book on my Kindle. I want to know what happened to the characters! PLEASE tell me there is a continuation.

  • Debbie

    HI Luanne…. I have read all of your books – some more than once. I just finished reading Summer’s Child and Summer of Roses again and wondered if you were planning to continue with another sequel. I love the story you tell and the characters and would love to see what the next chapter holds.

  • Justin

    well i know i must be late with this post. but i read both of your books the Summers child and Summer of Roses. your books are by far the most enchanting books thier is. its like when i read them i’m with the characters there in thier time. and a few times i i just wish i can jump in the book to beat up (Ed, Ted, Edward) on how he abused three (White Roses) Judy, Patty, Mara. well thanks for waking mw up on my island here n the tropics Ms. Rice hope you enchant more readers like i am.

  • Jan Ballantyne

    I have been searching for a Hardback addition of summer’s child Not in Large Print and not combined with any of your other books. I have ordered ones that the bookseller swore was just what I was looking. I was so disappointed when it came and wasn’t what I wanted. I have all of your books in Hardback and read them regularly, share them with friends, and have hooked several friends onto your wonderful stories. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear it.

  • Gloria LaScala

    I thoroughly enjoy reading your books. Is there goind to be a squel to Summer’s Child. With Lily’s reutrn to her grandmother there are a lot of unanswered questions.

    Thank you for all of the enjoyalbe reading.

  • Simply Vicki

    The chilling description of a psychopath (“Without Conscience”) in Summer of Roses brought a few names to mind. As a nurse, I am no stranger to the damage and fear of domestic violence, but it has affected a few people that I love. It takes a good long while to heal from that kind of cruelty. I hope your stories have helped someone to reach out for help and leave their pain behind.