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Two new stories featuring characters from The Silver Boat and Little Night.

In these never-before-published stories, Luanne Rice gives her readers two tales of early love and longing. “Paul and Clare” introduces the heroine of her upcoming novel, Little Night, and offers a glimpse into how she met the love of her life — and the beginning of her life-long passion for birds and nature, even in New York City.

“Miss Martha’s Vineyard” is a snapshot of the quirky, unconditional friendship with larger-than-life blueblood Harrison Thaxter that has kept Rory McCarthy from The Silver Boat afloat even in rough romantic seas.

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  • Jackie

    cool! But why must you make us wait for something so wonderful!! ok, may 1st, hurry and get here :) jackie

  • Machel Penn shull

    Can’t wait to read this Luanne:). Machel

    • Rschel Hartwig

      Machel I just did. :) I loved the description of Harrison. “It is because I am fat,huh?” Lol. I love love love this quote. :)

  • Stephanie

    I discovered you with Dream Country and had to dig backwards in libraries to read all you had written prior to that and I have purchased every book since. I can say that about no other author.  I needed the outlet of your stories when I started and so look forward to each new book. Luanne, Thank you for being a part of the end of my twenties and bringing me clear into my 40s:) Stephanie

  • Kmcbone

    Have read all 30 and ejoyed every one–keep ‘em coming!  Thanks.

  • Becky Jacobs

    i luv ur bookz, can i get summer light?…

  • Nana1nancy

    Dang! I wish you would print these in paperback!!!! I share my books with several friends and the Kindle just doesn’t work for me!

  • Kim Messenger

    Is “How We Started” going to be published in hardcover or paperback?  I do not have an ebook – I prefer old school and am not ready to make the change to electronic books and likely will not.  I have all of your books and would like to keep it that way.  Please advise.

  • Arenstel

    Just finished Little Night. Really enjoyed the book as I did all the others I have read!  Grew up in Rockaway Beach just over the bridge from FBF, it’s always a special treat to read about things and places you know.
    fyi  Springsteen’s keyboard player was a Rockaway Boy.